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Securing Information


To be one step ahead and prevent a cyber incident from occurring (and if it does occur, to minimise the damage), cybersecurity and IT professionals employ state-of-the-art tools to ensure the security of the information held and used in cyber infrastructure - from the smartphone to the most complex information systems - in a professional and responsible manner. They also hold regular cybersecurity consultations, share experience and advice in cybersecurity, disseminate educational material on cyber hygiene and report on the latest news.



Protection of Classified Information

In order to prevent the theft, other unauthorised acquisition, disclosure or loss of classified information, the Service implements technical, organisational, and tactical measures, as well as ensures the physical protection of classified information in the relevant areas of the protected facilities. Control of persons entering such areas is exercised at all times and the confidentiality of conversations involving the exchange of classified information is ensured. Experienced security specialists and engineers are skilled in assessing the totality of the measures necessary for the reliable protection of classified information, as well as in recommending and installing appropriate and necessary equipment and systems.


Personal Data Protection

Personal data constitutes highly sensitive information. Thefts of such data and its use for criminal or profiteering purposes are increasingly frequent. By physical, technical, and other security measures, the Service protects against the unauthorised collection of information about protected persons, their family members and private life, and the Service’s officers by automated and other means, including unauthorised recording of the private life of protected persons. Such information falling into the wrong hands may have serious consequences not only for the persons protected by the Service but also for the economic and social stability of the State.