Always beside


Lives and health of political leaders have been under threat throughout the ages from Biblical times to the present day. There may be different motives underlying the desire to put someone’s life under threat, including a wish to become famous or known, draw attention to a personal or social problem, revenge for supposed evil, a wish to die in suffering, disappear from society, be killed, save the country or the world, deal with a global problem, initiate political changes and so on. A person breeding an idea to put the life of state and political leaders under threat may be dangerous to other members of society too because their covert aggression may be targeted at any of us. Such persons often reveal their potential intentions through their statements, hints and actions, and our indifference to them may lead to tragic consequences. Let us not, therefore, be indifferent.

In its communication with such persons, the Dignitary Protection Service combines the measures of persuasion and coercion and helps them abandon their intentions.

We urge you not to be indifferent and notify us:

- If you have encountered persons having intentions to put the life of state or political leaders under threat;

- If you have information about persons who plan to inflict harm to the protected facilities (the Office of the President, the Office of the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania);

- If you have been exposed to illegitimate actions of the officers of the Dignitary Protection Service.


(Notifications may be submitted in official and other languages.)